Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Our primary area of focus is to assist Asian students in studying abroad. We provide assistance with every aspect of the process of studying abroad; from guidance counseling to pre-departure orientation, and from travel issues to international student insurance.
We also hold conferences, seminars, discussions and various personality development workshops to help students improve their performance and boost their confidence. We also provide a variety of free online services to help students study abroad. In short, we stay with the student every step of the way.
Our aim is to help students achieve their best, professionally and personally. We do this through a state-of-the-art, systematic work system, and of course with help from a highly qualified and dedicated team of persons wholly committed to our cause. The key point of our services is that they're highly personalized. We understand individual needs and assist each student accordingly.
Our mission is to adopt a rural village in India by 2010 and promote quality-education among the underprivileged there. In India, education in rural areas is still a distant dream. Socio-economic pressures force children to drop out of schools even before they complete primary school. This is especially true for girl-children. We believe, a start has to be made somewhere, change has to be initiated and steps have to be taken by someone. And so we've resolved to take this step, make a change and realize a dream.
Progress and development in the 21st Century depend, we believe, on the ability of people to adapt to and work in a global and multicultural environment. Pedagogical instruction alone cannot create global citizens. A broad-based educational experience with an international approach is therefore necessary. Studying abroad at a quality educational institution in a multi-cultural environment provides the right blend. It combines academic excellence with diversity awareness, and opens the doors of the mind to newness, impartiality and integrity.
Broadening the outlook of future leaders through a quality educational experience will strengthen their ability to think and act on a cooperative basis. A quality education is also a critical means for developing wholesome knowledge and skills essential for the creation of a new generation of global citizens. At Prosper Overseas, we strive to help students exploit the sea of pure potential within them and take up quality educational options that will help them realize their dreams.

The Prosper Overseas Educational Society is a registered, national level, non-profit comprising persons committed to the cause of promoting quality education. At Prosper Overseas we serve in the spirit of integrity, positivity and sincerity. Earnestness of effort, ingenuity of thought and originality of approach are the corner stones of our organization.Prosper Overseas Will not charge any thing from the students for the services